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We Tested The Perfect Match Of Domestic Ecotorq Engine And Ecotorq Transmission With Drives
29 Kasım 2021 Pazartesi 17:22

We Tested The Perfect Match Of Domestic Ecotorq Engine And Ecotorq Transmission With Drives

Turkey's first and only domestic transmission Ecotorq transmission was tested in terms of driving comfort, safety and compatibility with the test drives. Nuray Pekcan, Editor-in-Chief of My Truck Magazine, conducted the test together with HED Academy Instructor Şevket Tanrıkulu in the field with difficult ground conditions.

In the driving experience, the harmony of the new features of the transmission with the engine was clearly noticed, while Ford Otosan's production journey, which is the pride of Turkey, once again won the appreciation of all participants. After the driving experience, the drivers evaluated that the pride of Turkey, the domestic transmission will continue its journey with success.

Regarding the new features of the gearbox tested in the 8x4 4142 XD vehicle, Şevket Tanrıkulu said that; “We have a 32-ton load on the ground in our vehicle. Creep mode, crawling or ant mode. This mod is available for all tow trucks and road trucks. Creep mode supports the transmission to prevent sudden movements of the drivers during the stop-start phase. After starting the vehicle, you shift it to D and it activates after taking off. It can remain active in the trip computer of the vehicle. Every time you take your foot off the brake, the vehicle moves forward. Its purpose is to facilitate maneuverability. That's why it's not active as soon as you start driving. Our retarder provides 4-stage and long-term landing performance for this vehicle. Our transmission is 16 forward 4 reverse for this vehicle. There are 3 modes: off road (terrain), rocking (swing/cradle) and maneuvering. Off Road mode allows the vehicle to shift gears at higher revs, especially when loaded on ramps. It locks the vehicle's differentials both longitudinally and transversely. 50 percent connects the front axle and rear axle. It also connects the rear axle transversely. We should not maneuver in this position. Otherwise, the biggest reason for differential breakage is the driver maneuvering while the axle is connected. We are also trying to raise awareness of drivers on these issues. The oscillating mode is slightly different in the case of transmission clutch. It allows the vehicle to move forward and backward more comfortably. We have a maneuver mode to move forward and backward with precision. In maneuvering mode, the transmission does not fully close the clutch, or it takes much longer than normal. In this way, the sudden launch of the vehicle is prevented and it provides driving safety in docking maneuvers where precise progress is required.


Along with the domestic transmission, the auxiliary brake ensures comfortable engagement, and at the same time, it provides a more stable braking performance on long-distance slopes and ensures safe downhill descent. With the new Ecotorq transmission, F-MAX vehicles offer multiple new features thanks to the technological and connectivity feature of the transmission. Multiple and predictive gear shifts are enabled by reading the topographical map of the vehicle's current location and route, without the user noticing it, and remote software update that enables software updates to be made remotely without the need to visit the service point, and remote fault detection function is activated in case of undesirable situations.

“Strong Torque Values ??Help the Vehicle to Hold the Ground Better”

Tanrikulu added the following details regarding the features: “We now have 16 forward gears. The number of gears seems to have increased, but our torque is high. Gear shift times were accelerated by 10 percent to 40 percent, depending on vehicle speed and accelerator pedal position. Being 16-speed gives us more gear options while the first and last gear ratios are the same. It selects more accurate gear and engine speed. The strong torque values ??in each gear help the vehicle to grip the ground better and to obtain more power, especially in construction areas. It allows the driver to use the gear numbers in the transmission in accordance with its purpose. The vehicle will power us and give us what we want. But in general, it is very important for drivers to use it correctly in service maintenance. Because if we take into account the torque values ??between the gears in the previous transmission, every torque value in 16 gears is very high. Since it moves with high torque, it enables us to get more efficiency from the vehicle, especially in difficult conditions such as construction sites. At the same time, the maximum retarder performance picks up at 450 kW.”

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