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Massimo Dodoni Leaves Kögel
12 Kasım 2021 Cuma 14:16

Massimo Dodoni Leaves Kögel

Massimo Dodoni, Managing Director After Market, Used Vehicles, Telematics, Finance-Full-Service, is leaving Kögel on the best of terms.
"We would like to express our sincere thanks to Massimo Dodoni for his loyal cooperation over the past eight years and wish him all the very best for his future career and continued success!", explains Ulrich Humbaur, owner of Kögel. "After an exciting and successful time at Kögel, it is time for me to go new ways professionally. Therefore, I am no longer available to Kögel as Managing Director with immediate effect. I would like to thank Kögel's customers, partners and employees for the great trust they have placed in me," says Massimo Dodoni. Massimo Dodoni has used his extraordinary expertise in the trailer industry and in particular in the area of service and after-market as well as value-added services to Kögel's advantage and has helped to ensure that the company is securely positioned for the future. Kögel is represented in many European countries with an efficient structure. A wide range of value-added services covers even the most demanding customer needs. Massimo Dodoni's duties will pass to the Chairman of the Management Board, Christian Renners.
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