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Kögel Optimises The Tipper Trailer Slim Lines With A High Payload
7 Ekim 2021 Perşembe 15:46

Kögel Optimises The Tipper Trailer Slim Lines With A High Payload

The Kögel tipper trailer appeals to construction companies with a high-quality finish, reliable bogie, even on difficult terrain, and a robust, durable frame. For even more user-friendliness, Kögel has added numerous new features. This includes a pneumatic underride guard.
  • New, weight-optimised and optional pneumatic underride guard with a top angle of 65°, so no bulk material is left behind
  • Low tare weight and maximum payload, ideal for all kinds of bulk material

    With its company motto, “Economy meets Ecology – Because we care”, Kögel promises to combine economy and sustainability. To make this possible, all the products are subject to continuous optimisation processes. At this year’s NUFAM, the Burtenbach-based trailer manufacturer presented several innovations on the Kögel tipper trailer. These include:  additional, optional steps for the control pedestal to reduce the distance to the tipper body and allow easier entry; lower positioning of the toolbox for easier access; practical, optional flashers on the new light carrier; and an optimised underride guard that prevents the build-up of dirt and bulk material and is optionally available in a pneumatic version.
    The pneumatically activated restraining mechanism enables considerably easier operation and is conveniently controlled via a lever switch. The optimised elliptical roller provides up to 20% more tensile force when starting up, preventing it from getting stuck in the bulk material. The low tare weight of the new underride guard provides additional payload for the Kögel tipper trailer.
    In terms of weight, the Kögel tipper trailer has a significant advantage over its steel-on-steel colleagues. The clever material mix of steel and aluminium, made possible by intelligent bolted technology, reduces the tare weight by around 400 kilograms. In addition, adaptations to the frame and other components have enabled a further reduction of 100 kilograms. This makes the “made in Burtenbach” tipper trailer a real payload giant. Another advantage: the low tare weight also saves fuel, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions. This is all in line with Kögel’s guiding principle: “Economy meets ecology – because we care”.

    Easy working
    The Kögel tipper trailer not only stands out for its design finesse, but for its maximum user-friendliness and operability too. That is the promise made by Kögel with its motto, “Because we care”. To make the driver’s daily work easier, the Burtenbach engineers have not only developed a new pneumatic underride guard according to the current legal standards, but also made further optimisations. From the optional control pedestal on the front wall of the tipper truck, the driver always has everything in view when loading and unloading. The integrated hooks to secure the tailgate are well-protected while tipping.  The driver can also control the parking brake and air suspension on the easily accessible control units. Optional tipper accessories such as a water can, storage box or fire extinguisher, as well as work equipment and ladders can be attached to the pedestal or the frame in a space saving manner.
    More payload, thanks to steel/aluminium combo
    The three-axle tipper trailer presented at NUFAM, which has a 24-m³ round body, showed the variant with a four-millimetre-thick body bottom made of wear-free, tempered 450HB steel. The five-millimetre-thick side walls and seven-millimetre-thick back wall are made from highly resistant aluminium. This combination is ideal for construction materials like crushed rock or gravel. In addition, the exhibition model has a fully insulated thermal body, meaning it can be used as an asphalt tipper trailer.
    The benefit of a steel tub with light drop sides and a lighter back wall over a tipper body made of pure aluminium is that there is no need for the cost-intensive repair of the floor every two to three years due to wear. At places subject to a high level of wear and tear, high-quality steel is used, while lighter aluminium is used on the side walls and back wall subject to less abrasion. In comparison to a conventional steel-on-steel tipper trailer, the aluminium drop sides and back walls enable a tare weight reduction of up to 400 kg. The additional payload and fuel savings this provides is better for the environment, the customer, and the customer's budget alike.

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